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stop the penistry
our latest project is complete and ready for ordering and shipping!

who is our illustrious new collaborator....???

the one and only MJP, of course!

details here.

I liked that the e-mail did not mention who the new chap book was done by. It made me look.
ahh, that makes more sense. i got that green paper in a pack of 100 sheets sitting in the bargain bin at flax, the greatest paper store on the planet. we mostly use it for mock-ups, but it has kind of a nice face on it, so i thought it would be fun to make some dustjackets out of it for the AP copies.

mjp graciously illustrated the dustjacket for AP #1, which is what you see in the picture - the rest are gocco printed like the cover.

MJP, is this similar to your blog-entry from some time ago? Don't know, if I remember it right ... about stumbling over this special type of Flying-V and buying it and remembering the past?

Anyway. Looks very good.

Would like to have a Trade Edition, but will have to check if paypal finally works for me.
looks ok, I suppose...

kidding, looks fantastic. can't wait to get mine.

Well, I'm going to have to order one of these because it looks great, and I want to see mjp make embarrassing confessions. The green wrappers are so cool, especially with his drawing. Too bad that couldn't be part of the edition. No matter how much you give us, we want more.
I'm very happy to have the story appear in this little gem of a book. I think they broke a small press record for least time from concept to finished product. They suggested using the story on October 8 and had it ready to ship a mere 41 days later. I am still dizzy from the whole thing. Small press publication schedules are usually measured in months (or years - really).
since we are a two-person operation, we're hoping to get good at integrating short timeline projects in with things that will take us longer. for instance - common thread and steve's book were both really long-timeframe projects, while this one and the serafini one were conceived to give us something to work on while we were in between other long-term projects (and both used text that had already been written, coincidentally). the main thing we learned in the first year of our press is that it's pointless to have a timeline, because some projects get put off indefinitely, and other - like this one - come out of nowhere (eg: i had 50 half sheets of black cardstock and thought it would be fun to do a small chapbook with mjp while we waited on some other things that are holding up our next few projects).
okay, we shipped books for everyone who ordered as of 9AM this morning (whether or not you've paid yet), so keep an eye out for them in the mail. also, you'll be happy to know that - if you ordered a deluxe - they're shipping in an envelope with the letter written in gigantic handwriting, so you'll know what letter you have (meaning, the people who got "D" and "O" or "H" and "N" won't be living in a confused fugue state for the rest of their lives).

i forgot to pick up magnifying lenses from work, so those of you that requested them will have to wait for the next book to come out.
i forgot to pick up magnifying lenses from work, so those of you that requested them will have to wait for the next book to come out.

Hmmm..... what do you mean by "next book" ? Seems to me, I remember a certain someone making a promise like this:

i am opening up a standing offer for any chance press customer - if you would like a magnifying lens (not really a "magnifying glass," since it is around the size and thickness of a business card), i will include one free of charge with your next purchase from chance press.

Okay - I think I've got you on false advertising, commercial fraud, and internet shenanigans. Don't think I can't sue you with my imaginary lawyers either. You are so busted .....
I'm in. Let's go class action on their ass.

After all, they are a book publisher. And millions of books are sold a year. Ergo, they have millions and millions of dollars. Let's do this shit, light this candle.
Maybe Jordan is thinking of these kinda magnifying glasses:

Magnifying Glass

Code: FPN 0508

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i have access to the magnifiers already, i just forgot to pick them up from work. also, there are laws on the books that giant conglomerates like chance press use to prosecute people who initiate frivolous lawsuits, so don't be surprised when the bulging arm of the law crushes you like a bug and we go on baiting and switching as we please.
Received my copy today. Holy crap, that was fast!

Awesome chap book! Hats off to Justine and Jordan and especially MJP for a story that brings back fond memories of my Vantage Avenger. Not the first guitar I owned, but the first one that didn't have strings that sat three inches off the neck.

Good job guys!
vantage!!! my first guitar was a vantage, too. i don't even know what model, but it had an awesome (fake) emerald green transparent finish that i just thought was the coolest thing ever when i was 13.

and thanks for the kudos on the book - glad you like it!
This is a sweet Vantage (in spite of the pointy shredder bouts)...


They were one of the Japanese guitar brands that sprung up in the 70's selling guitars made in the Matsumoko (Vantage, Aria, et al) and Fujigen (Electra, Ibanez, etc., etc.) factories.

Glad you guys enjoy the book. The presentation is juicy!
I got mine on Monday morning, thank you. #35 of the peasants collection and it is very nicely crafted for the plain wrapper type. I had a magnifier handy in order to read the thirtyfive. Does J&J employ a little person to write that?
i've actually considered discontinuing the "spelled out" numbering, because it takes so damn long to do. but, in the grand scheme, it doesn't take THAT long, and i kind of enjoy it.
MJP, J&J--

Good stuff all around...I'm glad I dug between the couch cushions! Really sharp production...and an engaging read. Makes me wish I had musical abilities, and had once been in a band or two...

Well, sort of...those pangs of loss are still familiar!

Glad to have a copy!
Got mine yesterday. Thank you for putting J on my envelop. Even with the magnifying glass it was hard to see what letter I had.
Great Story mjp. reminded me of my first guitar, a Kingston acoustic. I loved that guitar and then it got stolen which i could never figure out since it was one of the cheapest, crappiest models out there. Shitty intonation, tension so tight it would bloody your hands after 2 or 3 songs. But I still loved that guitar.

So are there pics of the Iceman?

Thank you J & J and mjp. Very cool.
I received my copy in lightning fast time and it's waiting for me to open the damned envelop in my too busy life. Maybe during the lull between the artichoke dip and slicing the turkey tomorrow.

Sometime I'll tell you about my first electric guitar. They made them really crappy in the 60s. A log with strings, it was.

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