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New E-Bay Listings Buk, Fante, Bowles (1 Viewer)

Just thought I would let you know that I am selling some interesting items on e-bay: Bukowski: 2 New Years greetings; Fante: Ask The Dust, 1st, signed limited, and Brotherhood of the Grape, 1st Trade; Bowles: The Spider's House, 1st, signed, limited, all BSP, all lovely condition and at really good starting prices. Thanks
I'm still hoping -- and you are right - $600 would be great - only the one bid so far but there are 15 watching it and I'm assuming a couple of those 15 will bid - but christ, it's a bizarre market right now for Bukowski, Fante and Bowles. I've had a nice signed limited of Bowles' The Spider's House posted several times without a bite and it is a rock bottom price.
The market doesn't make a lot of sense right now, but then it hasn't for a while. Five years ago if someone asked you what something typically sold for you could give a ballpark figure, but now you never know.
Three More

I've listed three more by Bukowski on e-bay: Sept Stew, Roominghouse Madrigals and Shadow of the Rose, all 1st signed limiteds. Check em out. Thanks

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