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We published Dave Donovan as part of our first publication, the poetry anthology A Common Thread. Since then, however, we've been wanting to put out a book giving Dave center stage. I am the Circus is that book - a quick burst of four poems pulled from Dave's past couple years of writing. He's the kind of writer who doesn't have a theme or a gimmick - just an unmistakable way of describing the everyday. This is poetry distilled to its essence, with no unnecessary fluff... just bare emotion, the way it should be.

I am the Circus is a hand-sewn single-signature chapbook. The trade edition has a Canson Infinity Mi-Teintes wraparound band printed with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. The deluxe edition is sewn in handmade paper wrappers made by Papeterie St-Armand from recycled pulp, adorned by a cover label printed using the same Epson inks, and is signed by the author.

You can order the trade edition here
and the deluxe edition here


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just a shout-out that there are a mere TWO deluxe copies of this amazing title left in stock!

also - there are only 5 or 6 of the blue trade edition (there were only a handful to begin with), so if you feel like being a completist, you might want to jump on one of those. only $3!

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