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Hi All

Great to be here....

Live in Aussie, only bought my first CB book last year and now collecting them all...

Drop me a line anytime for a yarn or two...


like a knife
hey bukfan

my old lady got he turned onto him first when she gave me a book of the new poems, fire behind the mountain...loved working my way through ham on rye and factotum...

strange thing is that when i was a young kid on the block and just discovered the beer, my friends and i would watch barfly and then go to our nearest bar and shout ' a drink for my friends' i was so young and dumb that i didnt even now it was about Buk...

this is a great site...well done everyone!

what's your fav's Bukfan..anything you can recommend?


Well, I would recommend Post Office, about his twelve years with the post office before he became a full time writer. There's Women, about all the women he had affairs with after he got famous. Hollywood, about the making of the movie Barfly is also very good.
There's also some collections of short stories. They are all very good. The Most Beautiful Woman In Town - Tales Of Ordinary Madness - South Of No North - Hot Water Music.
I'm glad you liked The Flash Of Lightning Behind The Mountain. Most Buk fans think the posthumous poem collections (all with the subtitle New Poems) are much weaker than the ones published in his life time. I would recommend Burning In Water Drowning In Flame. It contains some of his best earlier poems. The last poem collection he published before his death, The Last Night Of The Earth Poems, is considered one of the best of his later poem collections.
All the titles I've mentioned are "high grade" Buk, so dig in and enjoy...:D
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Hi Bukfan

Thanks so much for the tips...Post Office has been recommended to me many times and it's going to be the next purchase and yes, it's the flash of lightening and not the fire behind the mountain...Sorry Charlie...your post has started me at a great first list to go from and I'll let you know how I go. A good friend of mine who loved CB for years and i didnt know, told me also about the later poems (New Poems) being ok but not as good as the earlier stuff. Man, i love this guy's writing....why didnt I get into it years ago? I dont know...

I also checked CB out on that guy got nasty with that lady of his on the couch eh? Can u point me in the right direction for anymore clips of CB?


Hi, LAK! - As for clips. At google video ( ) you can see The Bukowski Tapes - all 52 segments, almost four hours, for free! (Or you can buy the dvd for 20 $ from amazon) The couch scene you mention, is one of the segments. I believe there's also other clips on google video. Try putting Buk's name in the search machine. On Youtube there's a 50 min. doc. etc.
Post Office is a good choice for your next purchase! It's the first novel he wrote, so it's vintage Buk.
Glad you liked my list! Keep me posted as you go along into "Buk-dom". You've got one damn fine journey ahead of you...

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Hi Bukfan...

i just checked the tapes out....freakin' awesome....i keep coming across a doco with sean penn and bono in...'born into this' ? i think it's you think it's worth a purchase?????

Post it...

Hi, LAF...

Yes, the docu with Sean Penn and Bono (and Tom Waits) is indeed "Born into this". It is absolutely worth a purchase! It runs for almost two hours (113 min.) and is the best docu on Buk so far. It tells about Buk's life from beginning to end. There are interviews with poet friends, girl friends, publishers (John Martin and John Bryan), his daughter, film directors (Barbet Schroeder and Taylor Hackford), his widow and a lot of other people who knew Buk. There's also a lot of footage with Buk that most of us fans have'nt seen before. I would say, that for a Bukowski fan the docu is a must!

Glad you liked "The Bukowski Tapes" on Google video! I hope you saw all 52 segments.
Yes, Post Office is great!...

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Thanks for the welcome Paul B and thanks still for the many tips Bukfan...

Just finished Post Office, so that's 2 down with Ham on the end of Post Office when CB wakes and starts to write a that the Post Office novel?

I'm ordering Hollywood and Women next (birthday pressies from my lovely inlaws! - if only they knew what I was reading!) slowly working through through your excellent list Bukfan.

It's real hard to try and get any of his stuff in Queensland Australia...half of the book shops have no idea who he is! thank god for the internet...

cheers for now


You are always welcome to ask questions! Yes, in the end of Post Office, Buk is starting to write Post Office.
Congrats on Hollywood and Women. Both are very funny. I hope you saw Barfly because Hollywood is about the making of the movie.
Glad to hear that my list is of some use to you!
See you around...:)
like a knife hell of a handle,life in Buk world is good,tell me something,since you like Buk who is an inventor you like?I like Telsa.
You mean Tesla - big time - what a beautiful loon!
Who could possibly come up with so much stuff?!
Tagged "The inventor of the 20th Century".
Live in Aussie

I went to Australia in 2003, and visited a few places along the east coast and a couple of cities in NZ (Wellington and Rotorua are the only ones I remember with any clarity). Beautiful country in both. Makes me hate the good ol' US of A sometimes when I think about it...
hey Ninjerk, dont hate the US and A over Aussie land. This country has been on the slow dive to the cesspit for a while and our culture is now following you guys very closly. I live on the beach in Noosa and when i drive to our nearest small town there is rappin' school kids on the streets with p diddy (is that still his name? or is it just p now?) t shirts, 90% of non cable TV is American....Australia isnt called the 51st state of the USA for nothing!

Mind you...we do have Rusty Crowe (even though he's from NZ we'll claim him!)
Yes...unfortunatly the old Aussie culture of cold beer, long hair and surf is a dying breed. The beaches are still great though and hopefully a change at the topis coming soon, until then i'll stay in bed and read CB.


like a knife hell of a handle,life in Buk world is good,tell me something,since you like Buk who is an inventor you like?I like Telsa.

Hi there Wayne...

Favourite inventor....Ian Astbury i guess....anyways, who's Tesla? I didnt go to school much so I'm dumb and when i did got to school I just blew my eyes out with cheap beer...
Hi Roc

thanks for the link. wow, tesla, now you know i really am dumb! how's life in Melbourne? i was down that way recently, i love the centre, better than sydney anyday.

Life is good in Melben... maybe a little too good.
Good to see more Aussie Buk readers.
To everyone, thanks for the welcome, a very nice site...

BedsitBukaroo, I was born in the UK and yes, you are right...England number 51 and Australia gotta take the honours for that one...

christ, it's only been since xmas that i've been into buk, its taken over my life, women, h on r, all the usuals plus a couple of poetry books, ask the dust, the buk doco, i ven rented out the ask the dust video at the weekend with colin farrel and salma hayek, my god it never ends...and i dont want it too...


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