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just joined up and saying hello to everyone. Didn't realise there was so much stuff out there about Bukowski. I personally stumbled upon him a few years back via a friend and digged his style of writing and crazy subject matters. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. Anyone else from round those parts? Find it hard to find much of his stuff round here. Can't buy online (no credit card and i'm using the local library computer), So need to find actual shops/book stores etc. I here there is a Bukowski theme pub (possible night) somewhere in Glasgow city centre. Does anyone know the name?

Anyway, i only get 2 hours a day on this machine, so i shall leave you'se with these questions and another hello.

Will visit as much as sober and within opening times, tmacdeezine.
I think Olaf is Glaswegian, but i think he's off in Timbuktu or someone equally remote, doing dangerous things...
Welcome to the forum, tmacdezine! - There's a lot af Buk poems and articles about him on this site if you check out the links. As for novels and short stories, you can always get a book store to order them for you if they don't have any on the shelves. Or maybe you can pay a friend with a credit card to order some on-line...
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from tmac, Was sending you a reply and i think i fecked it up. So if you recieved a half arsed/finished message i apoligise. If not, i was thanking you 4 the reply and asking if the arrivals lounge/new blood thing that you mentioned was genuine or just a first day at school piss take? Also i'm just learning to navagate my way around this forum malarky. Is this how it generelly works and whats the difference between this way and private messaging. Is that just a direct contact without having to go into someones profile? Also, i can't find my post on the forum. Help us out dude if u can with a bit of info.

Trying to find something witty and inspiring thing about being a Scotsman but it's still raining outside.

All the best to you, BedsitBukaroo from tmacdeezine.
Hi tmac, unlike some of these old seadogs I've only been here about six months, the best man to direct questions about the site too is mjp (creator of the site which I guess makes him a kind of God in this domain!)
Private messaging is when you want to talk to someone without everyone else poking their noses in (like those little rooms lap dancers use), there is a description under each sub-forum title which helps you to know where you want to post something.
Anyways good luck

of course you'll need that living in Glasgow :D

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