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Hello everyone,

I'm a french amateur of Buk, actually living in London, and moving to Czech Republic next month. I'm writing a little bit, horror and sci-fi for the most, got a couple of stories published in magazines and another couple in collections, nothing really. Coming around here to have a feeling of the people who read Buk. Pretty good so far.

Really like the tone of the forum, nice to meet you all.
Don't know. Something about the name led me to think so. I'm probably wrong - as per usual...:p

Well, he/she - what's the dif? As long as it's a fan of Buk - right? :)
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LOL - Touché! :D ... Well, I do know one difference: Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed. Women somehow deteriorate during the night...:eek:
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This show is quite funny, but the part you posted is useless. The moment Buk's speaking to the woman writer about her skirt and she goes blushing and talking shit like oh my god what's this man saying oh oh, that's a good one. Or the moment he insults the presentor while he's out of the screen...

***Bukfan said : "I'm probably wrong - as per usual"

Yes you are.
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Do any of our French members feel like translating the best bits of the Bukowski Apostrophes clips for the more ignorant of us?


Oh and Welcome of course!

Hey guys, i didn't mean to be rude, just saying there are better bits in the french TV show, and that am no girl, as far as i know.

About the fun bits of Apostrophe, i'll try and do that some day, but it's rreally boring as hell, these people are artsy fartsy idiots and buk is just getting bored. The fun part is what Linda lee tells about the show in Born Like This, when Buk is pointing a knife at the cop and telling them to F off. I'll go through the show one more time but honnestly don't look too much forward.


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