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Hello, Bukowski enthusiasts.

Came on here to stop being anonymous. I've lurked the threads here on Bukowski.Net only a few times finding it sort of odd that there was a forum to discuss a writer. I have since come to terms with my doubts of this place and realized its potential.

I stumbled upon the "Born Into This" Documentary when on Youtube one boring Sunday afternoon and was enamored by Bukowski's language and mere presence. I bought Post Office on a whim only days later from a small Bohemian Bookstore and have grown into a much stronger person since. Bukowski has helped me trudge through High School. Only a year later and I have read half of his novels, a few of his poetry books and short story collections. I hope I can keep pissing off the feminist librarian that sneers at me whenever one of his books arrive for me more and more until I complete as many of his books as I can.

Cheers!! ;)

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