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Been a fan for years. I have a small book from Black Sparrow press called ART which I guess was a New Years present. Its in good shape and signed. I am mildly curious about what it would worth and if this is a good time to sell? Thanks

There are a few editions. One, the really rare one is REALLY tiny, hardcover and has original calligraphy. That one is pretty expensive.

The other two editions are the unsigned and signed paperbacks. There is a 1/100 copy, MINT from Jeff Maser for $450. Would be REALLY tough to get anything near that, I suspect, on Ebay. Maser is a very reputable seller and a hell of a nice guy.

If yours is MINT (I'm not sure what "good shape" means. According to official book rating, I think that "Good" means that it looks like someone wiped their ass with it. although you are probably talking good as in good and not good as in bad, which makes sense to me.)my guess is that you'd be lucky to get $200 on ebay. It is most certainly NOT a good time to sell, especially ephemeral little books like this one.

Still, it is a cool little book and a great short poem.


p.s. I assume that it is numbered or lettered? If so, then it is probably real. If it is not numbered or lettered then it may be real. Either way, we'll happily let you know if you want to post a picture.
Hardback, numbered and signed. Cant remember the number right now but I believe its under 25. I will take some picts this weekend and try to post them. It is in mint condition. Not really looking to sell, but it is put away and it has become this precious thing.

Thanks for the info. Bill
For what it is worth, Art is probably the most difficult of the New Years Greetings to find. That and the one from 1970 (If We Take) are probably neck and neck for price. All the others are easier to find.

It seems that my info is wrong. If yours is hardcover and signed, but not hand-calligraphic, then the 126 copy edition is hardcover and not paperback. For some reason, I thought that there was only one hardcover edition, but I am just rusty on the bibliographic info...

Post a couple of photos if you can.

Generally, I'd say it's not a good time to sell tho'.
Welcome, Knuckles. Tell us a bit more; as Bill posted, there are several versions. From what you've posted, I'm thinking that you might have a green "tweed" covered version. Photos are a must for further verification, whether you want to sell or not.
If you click 'More Options' before you reply, you can upload them here.

I was wrong its #44
Nice. As Bill mentioned, there were three versions of this one. Aaron Krumhansl compiled the following information:
K57a - 54 copies hand-lettered by Roger Marcus, bound in green silk-covered boards, housed in a marbled slipcase and signed by Buk.
K57b - 750 copies in wraps; a paper version of what you have there
K57c - This is what you have: "133 signed copies were published 14 January 1977: 100 copies numbered 1-100, 26 copies lettered A-Z, the remaining 7 copies were marked "Author's Copy," "Calligrapher's Copy," "Publisher's Copy," "Printer's Copy," "Binder's Copy," "File Copy," and a "Presentation Copy" marked with the recipient's name. The copies lettered A-Z and the seven out-of-series copies were issued in a blue paper covered slip-case."

Abebooks lists numbered and lettered copies of K57c at $450-$600. Jeff Maser has the numbered copy at $450 and he is a great seller. Common thought is that market value (i.e., about what you might expect to get on ebay) to be about 20-25% less than a reliable abe price. But the market is poor at this time. In any event, your book is probably "worth" about $300 +/-. I'm a shade more optomistic than Bill on price here.
Thanks for all the great info. I had no idea that there were different versions of this. I am going to keep for now. This ha rekindled my fire to start looking for some first ed Buk books. Seems like it a better time to buy than sell.

Thanks again.

...I had no idea that there were different versions of this...This has rekindled my fire to start looking for some first ed Buk books.
Man are you in for a surprise!

It's not such a bad time to buy, but prices on ebay range from very good to adsurdly stupid, so you really need to do your homework. Also, check this part of the forum for tips and if you find something questionable, you can always post a thread with links:

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