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Hi all!
I'm 23 year old katharine, fell in love ( in serious, heart breaking, and of course unrequited) love wit bukowski at age 16- he basically saved me from myself. Just really got back into him after a lag period where I just wanted to read non fiction and Scandinavian poetry, I write a blog it's not about poetry though... Ummm yeah that's about it. Tell me about yourselves!!

Welcome katharine. You will enjoy yourself very much here on Buk dot net. The folks who visit these pages are serious Buk fans. You will feel right at home. The amount of high quality info in this website will boggle your mind.
Hello Katharine! just reading your post and smiling, thinking back to when I was 16 - if Love isn't serious and heartbreaking and unrequited at that age well, it isn't really worthy of the name is it?:).
Thinking back to whom I was in love with at 16, I think it was Heathcliff (Emily Bronte knew a hunk when she saw one) Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen and Larry Mullen Jr of U2 (and still is actually...)also a boy called Peter in my year at school his nick name was Pedro:D - he looked like a gypsy and was in the remedial class, of which I didn't give two hoots.

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