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That's fantastic. I could use a hip "friend" to point me in the right direction and this column will definitely help.

Carol and mjp have similar writing styles - conversational but not dumbed down, either.
Those kids, those crazy young kids. And you just know they have matching pajamas, too.
That's great! Congrats! Perhaps Carol will write an article on Bukowski's art one day (hint-hint). :)
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That was great. I went to the link and read her article, got linked to her twitter, which sent me to her web page and Father Guido Sarducci talking about how artists can talk about things that no one understands because they are artists and it's okay.

It really has nothing to do with the quality of the pot but it was a nice clean run for it anyway. You know?
I assume it was good pot, Gerard.

Congrats on the blahg, Carol. How will mjp deal with the inferiority complex that is sure to develop? :p
Yes the article is even better with my brain sped up to normal speed.

It's tough living in the shadow of a powerful woman but in this day and age it is much more common and acceptable. Just so long as you have a long leash and generous allowance.
you guys are too kind, thank you for the support. now can i get any of you besides mjp to comment on the hp site? or do i have to pay you?

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