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Bukowski Inspired Poem/Song

hi, Eddie here. I'm a new user here but have been coming to the forums for awhile.

Got into Bukowski because of the song Album of the year by The Good Life.. Have only read Post Office, and just started Women. Have a couple audio reading books on my Ipod.

If you'll care to please check out my Bukowski inspired piece called "And Counting" on my profile list of songs at Any feedback good or bad would be wonderful. thanks much.

Hi Eddie. Your first post was caught in a filter because of the link. I've sorted it out out, so get ready for that feedback. Or not. :D

Welcome to the forum.
I think that for newer members the links get deleted as that is the method of choice for spammers.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the novels and move on to the poems. If I had it to do all over again, I would not read all the novels first. Maybe a novel and then a book of poems, then a novel, then a book of poems, then a book of letters. The novels are a precious few.

Don't worry about the poems. Buk is amazingly friendly to people that think that they don't like poetry!


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