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46 year old journalist in NW Arkansas. I got into Bukowski right about the time he died. I had a friend who was a big fan and kept talking about him, and I when I heard on the news Buk had died and called my friend to relay the news, he was so upset by it he hung up on me. Which made me wonder what kind of writer this Bukowski was, so I started reading.

I also started writing poetry for the first time and became involved in the poetry small press, a phase of my life that's probably the most rewarding as far as writing goes etc.

I'm about to re-read his stuff -- I haven't in several years -- and just wanted to sign onto the list and say hi and see what kinda online community there is now for Bukowski.

Don Lee
Eureka Springs, Ark.
welcome, Don. your friends reaction is probably a common one to many here.

which book are you going to reread first?
Welcome Don,
And yes, avoid that other Bukowski e-mail list. For years there have been nothing but spam and I cannot remove my name. Really a useless list...


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