New online chapbook debuts today on The Dead Mule (1 Viewer)

Hello, I'm happy to announce that my chapbook, Dogwalking Poems, is now online at The Dead Mule. I had some of my stuff published there maybe 10-12 years ago and again more recently, and when they asked me to do a chap I jumped at the chance.

And hey, it's FREE! Hope you enjoy ...

cool baby!

haven't read yet, but it looks like a nice site.
have saved the page with your chap to my HD. Will read when sober.
That's very cool Harry, Congrates. I had a Black Lab when I was growing up. her name was Smokey, named after Smokey the Bear...
She was my best friend, i loved her. She protected me when I would wake up in the middle of the night with whatever nightmares. She was there as my protector. I called her the Elizabeth Taylor of dogs. She had a beautiful face but was a little ...erm ... portly. But she was the best dog... I miss her a lot.

Very cool indeed.:)
Thanks, Strangegirl and all for the comments. Alex tends to gain weight too -- like all Labs, he loves to eat. And like your Smokey, he protects my wife at night ... she feels really safe with a 90-pound Lab sleeping beside our bed.


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I read the first few and I'm a bit overwhelmed... I left a dog back in Massachusetts who spent nearly every night sleeping either on or by my bed from 16 through 21, until I moved out on my own and she died not long after I left, after a long illness...

But I enjoyed it. Thank you.


Since "babysitting" my nephew's dog for the past year and to this day, I can definitely follow along with these poems. There really is something meditative and reflective about walking a dog. You're thinking for TWO. The leash controls even the MASTER ! . Lol.

Ha - good stuff and I enjoyed reading it.


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The leash controls even the MASTER!
Not to be a dick or take all this talk of dog poetry too literally, but if "the leash is controlling the master," you're doing it wrong. ;) That dog thinks you are its subordinate and you need to change that so he knows that you're the boss.

I know what you mean about long-term "babysitting" though. We have two dogs now, one that we didn't exactly choose. But he's with us now, so what can you do. He was spoiled as hell when we took him though, and it took a couple of weeks, but now he knows his place in the pack and does things the way we do them around here, ya dig?

Show your nephew's dog who's boss. Dogs are just like little kids, the need and crave discipline (not physical discipline - rules, routines, that kind of stuff). You guys will have a lot more fun together when you're the lead dog.

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I was sent a gift from one of the members here, a book called, 'Unleashed' with poetry by poets dogs. It has some funny stuff in it. Here.My wife and kids like the book too.

Coincidentally, I got the book in the mail a couple of days before this thread. Harry's poems could have made it in there.

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