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Two of's own have teamed together to create a new quarterly poetry magazine called MILK.

chronic and I recently began work on the first issue, which will be published this summer. We are now ready to begin accepting submissions.

Please check out the 'submissions' link on the new website - - for guidelines and then send your work to: submissions (at) milkpoetrymagazine (dot) com.

Thanks, and we look forward to your poems!

When I run my hand across a page of poetry I do not want oil and onionskin, I do not want slick bullshit; I want my hand to come away with blood on it. And God damn you if you are otherwise.
- Charles Bukowski
i am going to submit to this... and i'm super lazy about submitting anywhere, so that's like a big deal or something.
A nice look. I like that title. You could press it against your forehead on a hot summer night. Anyway, if I don't don't flake out and entirely forget, I will shoot you five poems and hope for the best.
It's Josh's magazine and he'll be doing the poem selection and editing duties. I'm just handling the graphics and typesetting end. I got so excited about doing this project that over the past couple of weeks I've already mocked-up about ten years worth of covers... really. I'm not exaggerating. It's helped to get my mind off of the grim realities of my miserable life.

Send in dem pomes!

And make 'em good ones, godammit!
I've been waiting for A new poetry magazine in the tradition of The Wormwood Review.

Thanks, chronic & marina del rey.
Oh yes--very nice. "In the tradition of the Wormwood Review"--that lofty goal alone means this mag is worth our best!
Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback.

One thing I neglected to mention is that the deadline for submission to the premier issue is 15 May.

Keep those poems coming!
One other thing, if any of you know any good poets who aren't regulars, please spread the word.
Send in dem pomes is unintentionally great, Chronic! One more m and you're asking the Germans grammatically correct to send in fries!

Send in dem pommes!

I'll try my hardest to make some great tasting crunchy fries, too bad they'll be cold when they arrive... but that's what you get for a request like that.


But seriously, the mag will be very good, I'm sure.
Thumbs up.
I apologize that we've had an issue with the submissions e-mail server for last day or so. A big thanks to everyone who let me know that they were having problems.

The issue should be resolved now, so you can send your poems to submissions (at) milkpoetrymagazine (dot) com.

I will send an e-mail out later today to everyone who has already submitted to let you know that I got your email.
Good thing you're not handling the rejection slips.:)

Another worthy candidate for POTY.

One other thing, if any of you know any good poets who aren't regulars, please spread the word.

I certainly do and will also send in some submissions myself.

Sounds like you two will make a great team. At least you have the "labor" divided up pretty neatly, which is essential to any multi-party project.

Luck O' The Irish to 'ya
MDR and Chronic, that's awesome! I can't wait to hold one of these in my hands! The website looks siiiickkk! Love it!
Just a friendly reminder to anyone who has not submitted yet that we are about 2 weeks out from the submissions deadline for Issue 1 of MILK. Don't miss your chance to be published alongside some genuine literary heavyweights!
We have completed the editorial process for the first issue of MILK, and I'm happy to announce that the following poets will be published in Issue 1:

David Barker
Lisa Birman
Dave Donovan
Dan Fante
Nathan Graziano
Andrew Hilbert
Stephen Hines
Jordan Hurder
Justin Hyde
Richard Krech
Linda Lerner
Lyn Lifshin
Ellaraine Lockie
Gerald Locklin
Hosho McCreesh
Brian McGettrick
Brown Miller
Jack Moxie
Michael Phillips
Charles Plymell
M.P. Powers
William Taylor, Jr.
A.D. Winans

As a special bonus, the cover of Issue 1 will be letterpressed by our friend Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press. More details to come soon.
Hines is a twat. be careful with him.

other than that, excellent list. and nice coup getting Bill to do the cover.
Really solid line up, should be a strong read. Well done MILK crew--you're off to a fine start.
polymer plate? what, is this your first cover? are you making dentures?
Dan Fante? Holy shit. Nice work guys. Wonderful crew there. Congrats to those I know. And bon voyage for future issues :)
An impressive list of contributors, indeed. Lifshin and Locklin made it there as well, of course. They have a good eye for great mags.
Put me down for one in zebra fur boards.

Real zebra fur.

With a panda fur colophon and rattlesnake skin spine.

Just send me an invoice.
Those are all gone, sorry. However, we're having a special on editions bound in sea turtle shell and oily pelican feathers. There's been a glut of these particular materials lately.

No extra charge for the oil... which is nothing to sneeze at when you consider how much oil costs these days.
No no no... the oil is only on the covers... the pages are oil, onionskin and slick bullshit free.
After three Hail and two Bloody Marys I see more clearly where I erred. A simple misunderstanding, good sir. But it is fun to say shenanigans - a good word, shenanigan.
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