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Hi all,

Anyone interested in good wine -- and also interested in not going broke buying it? I thought so. You can follow the link below to get toTen Dollar Tastings, the column I write every month or so. ("Or so" because when the Great Billpayer Job gets too crazy, sometimes the column slips a bit ...)

Anyway, the April column just posted. Hope you like it.

... follow the link below ...

you do know, I've been on that site before. nice read.
But did you know what strikes me REALLY?
how come you look so Young in that picture? is it the great wine? or are you younger than i thought? or is it photoshop?
tell us your secret!
Thanks, Roni. The photo is about a year and a half old so that's pretty much me. But when I published Buk he was ... let me do the math, 1985 ... 65 or so and I was a callow youth of 31. So I'm 54 and I'm told that I look younger than that, and the wine and beer and liquor has had a lot to do with keeping me sane, if not young-looking.

It's definitely not photoshop. But it could have something to do with that weird portrait that I keep carrying around wherever I go that seems to be getting older and uglier and ...:D

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