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So, after being completely relagated to the ranks of the touts, the stiffs, the rancatours, and the obvious by forces far to numerous to inummerate I have rejoined the site. I hope to engage in rejoinders with this group of sick and tangled things.

It is true that I committed the cardinal sin of opening my account with an obvious ploy to hock my wares on ebay.....but there is more to it than that.

Barfly was an awakening experience for me. I first saw it on VHS in a ramshackle barracks that had been converted into low rent housing for MTSU students.

1991 was a strange year. It was bent up by weird drugs and a cast of opaque people drifting around inside an acidic delirium. Apart from a weird gathering of savage trippers in the street outside of our duplex the only thing I vividly remember from that year was seeing "Barfly." That movie broke through to me.

The next time I experienced Buk was at 4 am on a friend's couch years later. A woman had taken up residence inside his upstairs closet, sleeping on the floor rent free. She earned her keep by banging him profusely. She also had a copy of "The Last Night of the Earth Poems." It was the first time I read Buk's poetry and it was an eye opening experience.

It seemed as if all poetry I had read up until that point was written on a flat plane but this book was 3 dimensional. The themes weren't thick and obtuse but real and accessible. I became a fan in an esoteric sense at that point. But it was only a short, sharp jolt that became a memory as I jostled about for years inside my own life.

A few years after that I was working for the cable company, doing installs and upgrades when a coworker who was big in the rave culture loaned me "Pulp"

He said it was his favorite book, that he read it twice a year and that I should give it a try.

I never made the connection that the same person who authored "Last Night...." and the screenplay for "Barfly" was the author of "Pulp"

I read it and hated it. Out of context it felt awkward. His themes of overt violence, explicit womanizing and obsession with suicide were odd when tied together inside fantastical fiction (I do realise now that this was most likely deliberate as the dedication is to "Bad writing") The thing felt disjointed and forced.
Now, after reading so many of his other books I think I understand his voice. Still it rings truer for me when captured in a plain, ultra-real narrative like "Post Office", "Ham on Rye", "Women" or "Factotum".

A couple years after being fired from the cable gig I picked up " Last Night of the Earth Poems", "Dangling in the Tournefortia", and "Betting on the Muse."

I have been a diehard Buk fan ever since. I plan on revisiting "Pulp" now that I know his voice. The book was just too damn jarring for a first read.

Anyway. I work at a book distribution warehouse, one of the biggest in the nation and it is incredible. Literally like the old "kid in a candy store" cliche' but ultimately it's a dead end gig.

I recieved an inheritence and invested in a top of the line manual T shirt press so that I could try and do something that I was interested in. It's cool working around books all day but I want to do my own thing in my own time.

So I was googling Golden Horn, cause I thought it might be cool to make a pilgramage to the bar, when I stumbled across this site.

There is a great thread here about the bar and how now, to the best of anyone's knowledge, it has been levelled. So, inspired by this website, I designed a shirt that has the Golden Horn logo along with a few of Buk's quotes about the bar. I wanted to make the members here aware of it and let them know where it could be obtained. When I did this I was booted from the site for being a shill that was doing nothing more than trying to use this space as a springboard for commerece. I suppose I was in a way, but I also was trying to perform a service for not only me (I wear the shirt myself a lot) but for the members here.

A friend of mine is an Elvis impersonator. He actually appeared in a film as Elvis. In one of the scenes he had to simulate making love to a Priscilla look-a -like. He told me that when they were in bed about to film he said, "if I get a hard on, I appologize. And if I don't, I'm sorry"

Then there is obviously a lot of other stuff too!
hello and welcome to the forum! i saw yr golden horn shirt on ebay and thought that it was one of the better buk shirts on there. so you live in smyrna huh? i'm just down the road in murfreesboro.
there's lots of good stuff here, so enjoy...
Welcome to the forum. That might qualify as the longest first post. You covered some ground and some tracks, but you didn't mention your pets.

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