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Pogue Mahone

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I'm sure there's a few folks on here who are Tom Waits fans and also are book collectors.

There's a new "collectable" Tom Waits book coming out limited to 6,600 copies, with some photos and writing by Waits himself. Steep price, but if I know Waits fans, it'll be worth a nice chunk of change more in a year or two. Think of it as Crucifix In A Death Hand, circa 2013. Same gimmick.

You can order it now on the Waits site. Here's the details.

WAITS/CORBIJN "77-"11, a collector's edition linen slipcase book limited to 6,600 copies, is scheduled for a May 8th release in US and Europe by renowned German publisher Schirmer-Mosel. The coffee table art book not only features over 200 pages of Waits' portraits taken by Corbijn over four decades, but also includes over 50 pages of the first published collection of musings and photographs taken by Waits himself. The linen bound book has introductions written by film director Jim Jarmusch, and the longtime music critic Robert Christgau.
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