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I know there are some Dolls fans here.
just wanted to give a heads up that All Dolled Up, the movie about the band is streaming here at Pitchfork tv for one week only.
You mean New York Doll? I don't think the BBC was involved in making that ( Maybe you're referring to another documentary.

New York Doll is a great film (and story) though. Interesting even if you don't give a crap about the New York Dolls as a band, which, understandably, most people don't.

Bob Gruen's All Dolled Up is great too, though I had to consume it in a few separate sittings. Sound is not always great, it's a bit hard to take for a couple hours straight.

I was excited to see it though, having read in the 70's about Gruen's massive stash of videotape of the Dolls. Never thought it would be released, but there you go.

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