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Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
I did a search and don't seem to have posted this. But my previous "nyq" shorthand comes up too short and is an "error" search.

So, anyway, if this has been posted before please, moderators, delete.

I Can Hear the Sound of Human Lives Being Ripped To Shreds is somewhat different to the version in Burning in Water.

The other two don't seem to be collected anywhere.

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nyq 21 now she hates me.jpg



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I think you pointed out a broken forum link from those poems to a different thread some time ago, but I never fixed it. Now it's fixed.

These may have been posted before, but I suspect that post was lost when we had a database mishap and my latest backup was a few month old. That's also been fixed, so even if the server this lives on catches fire and falls into the ocean, we'll still lose no more than a few days worth of posts.

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