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Hi all,

Have lurked on this forum for sometime, and have finally decided to join up.
Read a fair amount of Buk's work, but still have a huge amount to get through.
It's pretty obvious but 'Ham On Rye' still ranks as my favourite.
I'm from London, but moved to Sydney 5 years ago for my lovely wife.

Hi Dinosauria.
So you went from Up-Top to Down-Under for your love, while another member here did it vice versa, which was a lovestory that began here on the forum. Maybe these movements in both directions are a physical law to avoid imbalance on the planet's orbit.
Dinosauria, We, is one of my most favorite Buk poems, as well as dinosaurs in general I guess. And oh yeah, welcome to the forum, enjoy the show!
yeah, Dinosauria We, Genius of the Crowd, and The Bluebird are probably the three favorite Bukowski poems, in general.

They are good ones....

Thank you guys for the warm welcomes.
Planned on being pretty active straight off the bat with this forum, but watching my hometown getting smashed to smithereens and looted to buggery has had my mind somewhere else.
Dinosauria, We is my favourite Buk poem without a shadow of a doubt. Not sure how many hip-hop fans may be around but I was over the moon when I discovered my favourite rapper DOOM was basing an album around Buks influence on him and even sampled Dinosauria, We on the track 'Cellz'. The album was also called 'Born Like This' - very good too.
I'm sure it's been discussed at length on here before no doubt.

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