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I was given Ham on Rye when I was 17, I was raised in a VERY strict household I couldn't even listen to "rock music" I treasured the book and ate up his words, it was like someone was finally being honest with me. I have read almost every book (I think) then I went on the read everyone he had talked about. Bukowski and his suggestions fill my shelves and I haven't found one person (that really knows his work) that isn't a kick ass human being. I love that this kind of place exists and thanks for having me.

most of us here are kick ass, present company excluded.

enjoy the forum. the pool is closed for cleaning, but will reopen at 9. sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you Hank Solo. See now we can start over...

And also thanks hoochmonkey9 for the welcome. Clearly I have a lot to learn about forums but I'm catching on!
HA! you DID it was swift and deadly! I think its cleared now, other than no one ever did answer my question but there is no way I'm asking again!
I would never expect to enter a world of Bukowski peeps and be greeted with rainbows and butterflies HAHA it was actually perfect. Thanks Roni..
Welcome and enjoy your rebirth.

Oh and you need this:
Welcome aboard, Bukowskiette! You've come to the right place. Have a seat and a drink.
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