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To be honest, ive never read any Bukowski. ive read many other things and i have drank alot. but ive never indulged in the bitter fruits of bukowski. I am twenty years old and have only heard from some friends in art school that "you should really check out Bukowski and Dostoyevsky." because they are in art school and are obligated to say such things. However, i did ask some local writers about him, and the man sounds like a working class hero. fuck, he is me. i work a shit job and maintain a fairly successful side project of drinking whiskey and writing short stories. if anyone of kin could aspire to be as great as this mensch, the literary world would be all the better for it. anyways, i need to pick up some paper on this chap because he seems to be very similar to alot of writers out there. could anyone tell me what is his best? i hear about this "postman".

PS. insomnia is terrible, maintain a regualr sleep schedule and avoid alcoholism.

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I am sure that you'll enjoy Post Office, Dostoy... takes a little more effort to get into but with Bukowski great readings ahead of you. Welcome to the forum.

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Hey there tryg1987. I'll take your advice and maintain a regular sleep
schedule, and avoid alcoholism. Thanks.

You'll find your own way through Charles Bukowski's work as you read him
more. But, yeah, Post Office is a fine jumping off point to begin your

Any similarity you find between Charles Bukowski and other writers? Hint:
Check the dates. I'll bet you'll find Bukowski was first.

Bukowski was innovative, and he was a pioneer. There has been few voices as
unique, and as original as his continues to be.

Anyway. Fan stuff. Welcome to Buk.Net. There's lots to see here.


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Welcome, tryg! Yes, Post Office would be a good place to start. In fact, any buk book (except Pulp maybe) would be a good place to start...

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20 years old, eh? Print out your post. Store it behind your whiskey bottles. Take it out again when you're 48, my age. See if you feel the same way then as you do now.

Oh, one more thing. There are tens of millions of Bukowskis out there, but very few write every day of their lives and then send it out and then get lucky. Go for it! And welcome to the Bukverse.

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