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Newspaper Diapers. Has anyone heard of this book? It it was recommended to me but I can only find it on-line. I live in Portland and Powell's Books doesn't has any info on it? (This makes me want to read it even more!) It was compared to Hubert Selby's "Last Exit To Brooklyn". I do know this book was published very recently.
I've read it, and it's similar to "Last Exit To Brooklyn" in the sense that they're both disturbing, "let it all hang out" books, but they're very different styles of writing and different topics. Small press stuff typically takes some time to get out to stores, so your best bet is either grab a copy online or wait a bit to see if Powell's can get it for you.
Thanks. I ordered it from amazon and got it today. I started it but didn't finish it. It is in fact disturbing, but i'm thinking more like Chuck Palahniuk than Hubert Selby.

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