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so i've bet for the first time on nfl sports book.
i already won a two teamer of cowboys and gonzoga, (not nfl, i know.)
and collected $72 off $20.

i bet a few three teamers and one two teamer,
any good football analyst here want to predict on my choices.

two teamer:
steelers -7
patriots -20 1/2
$10 to win $26

three teamers:
bills +6
saints -3 1/2
steelers -7
$10 to win $60

vikings -3 1/2
chargers -5 1/2
giants -1 1/2
$10 to win $60
You should come out 30 bucks ahead.

The Bengals will beat the steelers out-right. The rest look pretty solid.
saints let me down, lost that ticket, but the giants just won me $70 minus the $30 i invested, so i won $40. now i just need the steelers and pats to cover.

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