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I'm a big fan of the great Bukowski from Spain, I have all his books and I have to say that the Spanish translations are very good.

I've been looking on ebay to have some of his books with his original signature and I found one that I really like and also contains a great drawing.

I want to ask at forum if someone could tell me if the picture and signature are genuine before buying because the price is high. I think that yes...

Thank you very much, I add an image!

There aren't 10 uncollected poems in that issue, there may be three.

Though if you change that to unmolested, yeah, then you're closer to 10.

Whether it's worth $195 depend on how badly you want the signature.
I'm wondering where those numbers came from (poems, price); they aren't in the original post. But $195 seems not too bad. I consider that particular "little" to be among the more important in which he appeared. And you almost never see that one signed, for whatever that's worth. The least expensive signed items have typically been the New Years Greetings, and you can't find one of those for less than $175, typically.
the hook on top of his "B" looks like I've never seen it before, which would seem to lead to the conclusion, it ain't legit, but then:
if anyone wanted to fake his sig, why would he deliberately choose such a distinguished feature differing from every known sig?
The B is way off, but the rest of it looks good, so the B is likely just an honest aberration.
I'm always reluctant to point out too many specifics, but the B is not characteristic. However, everything else is pretty much spot on, so the B is not terribly suspicious to me.

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