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Hehe. Yeah. I know this picture from somewhere, but can't remember. I think it was in one of the documentations?

By the way, I didn't know what SSIA means and googled it.

Do you mean:

- Subject Says It All

- So Sorry In Advance


- Shoe Service Institute of America?

Outsider was 1961-1969, but this is probably from the 1962 issue (Abel can confirm). If so, then he is no older than 42 in that photo. He looks to be in his mid-30's to me....

If this is from his college days then he would have been in his early 20's, but he looks older to me than 21.
i always thought he looked older than he was - his high school yearbook photo is outrageous compared to his classmates - but yeah, hard to believe he's early 20's there.
Bukowski was 18 when his year book photo was taken.
This photo is from Outsider, right? If so, then it is not necessarily from his high school. It could also be from when he attended college.
Exactly. He was out of his time even then.

A friend of mine ran into Robert Crumb in the mid-60's in Cleveland at a party. He mentioned how he stuck out even then. He dressed like an old man with an old man hat. Not at ALL like those around him. This is how I see Buk in H.S.

That pic is from The Outsider #1, but I bet Bukowski sent the Webbs an old pic for the contributors' page. I didn't bother to take a look at the photo credit -if any- when I was in in Buffalo and I don't have a copy of this issue, but a few users here might actually have it.
Well if you needed any confirmation that Bukowski was a pimp, there it is. He looks like he's just slapped some sense into someone in that picture.
Nice pic of Buk from when he was starting to be well known in poetry circles.
Thanks, cirerita...
[...] that yearbook page [...] looks like someone slipped a picture of the janitor in [...]

some others must have felt the same ...

"I'm the night custodian. Get your ass out of here before I call the cops!"
"What for? This is the Senior Prom and I'm a senior."
"Bullshit!" he said. "You're at least 22 years old!"

(Ham On Rye, chpt. 44)

nice pic cire. Thanks!

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