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Magic Stallion got me thinking. It is funny, some peopl elove Nick Cave, some hate him and, of course, others could care less.

This is a video from about 1979. It is VERY early Nick Cave. The band was called "Boys Next Door" (a really very silly, vague generic name). I think that it is a great song, if not a bit sappy.

It is tough to watch as he looks VERY effected, like he was trying way too hard, but hell, he was young and wanted to be a rockstar.

Still, it is funny, he was 22 at the time and he is 51 now.

I loved Nick Cave from an Early age and still do to this day, I found his Boys Next Door Stuff a little bit poor compared to the Early Birthday Party and Bad Seeds Material. I think they sounded like an average upper school band in Australia at the time.

Murder ballards and the Boatman Calls are possibly two of the finest albums i have ever owned.

The Nice thing about the Bad Seeds is that even when you have played every one of their albums to death, you can still then go onto listin to all the other solo projects that offshoot from each member of the band

Cave is the last great rock and roll star alive
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!... Is easily my least favorite CD of his and that has nothing to due with his calling Bukowski a jerk and nothing to do with his 70's porn star mustache...

This is funny.

For those of us that saw this Brad Pitt movie before he was a huge star.

The guy in the ridiculous blond wig is Nick Cave.

[This video is unavailable.]

This one is funny because it is so bad. Plus, Nick is playing a parody of himself, which is priceless. Even the song that he sings is a parody of Nick Cave songs. This role was clearly written for him.

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!... Is easily my least favorite CD of his and that has nothing to due with his calling Bukowski a jerk and nothing to do with his 70's porn star mustache...

There's no accounting for taste! I really enjoyed it, especially the Odyssian , remains a favourite of mine - some great lines in that one:

And the walls ran red around me
A warm arterial spray

Also think Cave's a good writer. And the Ass Saw the Angel was an interesting book, as was his lecture (pdf file) on sadness and the love song at the Vienna Schule Für Dichtung.

Been meaning to hunt down a copy of The Proposition, the Australian western movie he worked on. Anyone else seen it?
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director, music, writer, actor...where to start?

nick cave told me that there is more...out there than Evil Black/Death Metal, i've heard or stupid techno/GOA shit...

just some fine piece of music, but too much is very depressing
I saw it and did not get into it. I loved that they were doing something original, not the normal recycling crap that Hollywood puts out, but still, it did not impress me.
Still, it is worth $3 to rent....
well i really enjoyed the film. definitely worth the rent. good stuff...
director, music, writer, actor...where to start?

nick cave told me that there is more...out there than Evil Black/Death Metal, i've heard or stupid techno/GOA shit...

just some fine piece of music, but too much is very depressing

If you really give the norwiegan Black Metal a chance you can find the avante-garde in it. The extreme-ness, the desperation, the violence...THE SPEED. Its not just Emperor, or Cradle of Filth, great as they were, its a subculture of mayhem. (quite literally because Mayhem was one of the better bands). Nick was dark..but more in a Bauhaus /Joy Division fashion - but he could write lyrics; the others couldn't/can't and had to depend on other more trend-oriented strengths. Nick is a poet first...I think.
'Dig Lazarus Dig!' was the first Nick Cave CD I listened to. Thanks to this forum. Now I'm 'diggin' into early stuff.
I need to take the time to listen to Nick Cave. I am glad I have a few nice long hours ahead of me listening to great stuff.
I never even think of listening to him, when I'm in a good mood or even okay. But when I'm deeply depressed, he's about the BEST music to be the soundtrack to my mood.

I've made me a 'Best-Of' for personal use in these situations. But if I had to chose from the original albums, I think it's the end of his heavy Heroin-period, which would be:

I've been thrashing "dig lazarus dig!" listening now. Took a while for me to get into compared to other works. I think half the songs are great. All the writing is good, just misses with the music/lyric thing on them. I don't think he was calling Buk a jerk- listen to the context-irony, comparing authors to god and asking them to explain-the common man's perspective. According to me.
Holy cow.
I've never seen that video before. Thought it's exactly the way I imagined it would be though: VERY theatrical.
"Eat your heart out Peter Murphy"

Before you started this thread, I was just listening to a mix tape(remember those?)
a girlfriend made for me in high school, and that song, "Shivers" and "The Nightwatchman" was on it, amongst a smattering of Cocteau Twins, Swans, etc..
I always thought "Shivers" sounded like a Righteous Brothers song, with Nick singing on it.
Regardless, it's a great song.

In regards to "And The Ass.." I obtained a 1st/1st HB of it, signed by Cave, and dated 1990, quite awhile back. I'm flirting with the idea of selling it.

Bill, you should check out "The Consumer" by Michael Gira, if you haven't already.
It's out of print, really goddamn hard to find and extremely disturbing.
I am listening to Nick Cave for one year, he is one of the rare artists I have at once put into my personal musical Pantheon. My first album was Tender prey because somebody recommended me The mercy seat. I have deeply explored the rest of his wonderful discography since then but Tender prey remains very special to me, I regularly listen to it because I like remembering the so strong emotions I felt the first time my ears make acquaintance with Cave's voice and lyrics.

Some of you talked about metal. Metallica covered Loverman. It is good but nothing compared to the original.

I plan to read his book. Critics often describe his style as similar to Faulkner's one.

his 70's porn star mustache...
Oh yes, what a unsightly moustache ! He is so sexy without it. I find him physically very preserved for a fifty years old man.
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Isn't Nick Cave the guy who said some nasty things about Buk in one of his songs---something about how John Berryman is better than Buk? Maybe I'm confusing him with some other songwriter...
Yeah, Nick Cave called Bukowski a "Jerk" on his last album. Strange, as although I really, really love Nick Cave's music and lyrics (and his novel), he is known to be a bit of an ass himself, especially to his fans.

So, I would not take his opinion of Buk too seriously. Plus, he is good friends with Henry Garfield (Henry Rollins), and he is a known Bukowski hater (There is a thread on this somewhere).

Don't go chasing Rimbauds

Well, you know the joke: Verlaine's problem was that he didn't realize you shouldn't go chasing Rimbauds [rainbows...] :)
[...] you shouldn't go chasing Rimbauds [rainbows...]

nice joke. Would never work on a Frenchman I guess, but still nice.
(I remember somewhen in the 90s I been telling a friend (excited voice): "hey tonight, there's a documentary on Rimbaud on TV!" - and he: "what the hell do you want to watch something about Rambo for?!?" - so much for wordplay.)

I think, concerning the context - and please correct me whatsay - he was basically saying:

"Nick Cave, like Rimbaud, likes to come up with provoking statements, but still he is a sweetheart."
- right?
Ok, I now understand ; his sentence expressed nothing else than a physical consideration...well :D

I have just found again an article cut from a french newspaper and dating back to april 2008, which announced three good news :
1) Grinderman's second album will probably release this year.
2) Nick Cave has begun writing a second novel.
3) For the 20th anniversary of his first novel (And the ass saw the angel), he will read some passages, add some music on it and make a record of all this (it is said to be five discs lasting one hour each).

I've just read an article about one of his sons, Jethro (the name is a tribute to the band Jethro Tull), the result of a brief love affair between Nick Cave and an Australian model in 1991. Jethro is a model but he claims having a punk state of mind and modelling only for money (that he wants to use to concretise his musical projects). He is said to have a myspace with some music in it but I don't happen to find it.

The song in which Nick Cave calls Hank a jerk can be listened on his own myspace. It's the last of the list and the sentence can be heard at 4min 10sec.
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Jethro looks like his dad. You know after reading Bukowski's bio there are some people, like Ruth Wantling, who would agree with that line at 4:10 in the song. Or maybe the guy whose face was spit on would have thought that for a bit.

Nice links Ambreen, thank you.
after Jordan has brought my attention to the publisher 'Gestalten', I've seen this book on their website:

looks interesting.
Some fresh news:

Grinderman's new album, soberly untitled Grinderman 2, will release in September. A tour will follow it that will include Paris (which was not the case during their first tour) in November; I'm so happy and am going to buy my ticket tomorrow to be sure not to miss Nick! :D
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Okay, I know I've posted this question before (somewhere) - years ago. Maybe this time, someone can help:

I'm looking for a special song of him, that I've seen on TV a long time ago. It's LIVE at the WERCHTER FESTIVAL (don't know the year). The song is a version of 500-MILES. It's heartbreaking how the Bad Seeds perform it.
I definitly NEED that song!

So, if anybody has it - or a hint where I should look for it: Please tell me!

It's NOT the version they once played in the studio of a radio-station. I have that one and it's not nearly as good.

THIS is the version I'm looking for, but of course without the talk over the song.

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