NME's top 100 albums of the decade (1 Viewer)

PJ Harvey? Oh, hell yes.
Outkast? Ya!
Regina Spektor? Yes yes yes.
Bjärk? Sure.

The rest of them - wha?

Though I'm sure NME's top list back when I was reading it in the late 70's would have been equally full of 'huh?' stuff.
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I was hoping to see Dungen's "Ta Det Lugnt", but maybe it was considered too retro or something....

And what is Rufus Wainwright doing on there twice ? Or Green Day at all ?
Hey, that's a long list, so I only looked at the top ten.... BUT I must say, after seeing Julian Casablancas(Lead singer of the Strokes) the last 3 Fridays in a row at the Palace Theater in downtown, Los Angeles, I LOVE THEIR NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has not checked out his solo album, do it now, now, now I tell ya! I am starting to think, Julian may be even more talented than my other hero, Jack White.

Side note: I had a little too much to drink this last Friday, and nearly got kicked out for berating both of the opening bands, so I apologize, here publicly, to both of those bands. Ha. I was allowed to stay, when my friend promised 3 security guards that he would make certain I'd simmer down, and behave myself. I did simmer down, and Julian Casablancas made it all worth it!
Yeah, maybe not.... But The Strokes and anything Julian Casablancas does, is just cool. So I'd rather see that than some Green Day, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon crap.

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