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Well, I've been away for a while, but recently I was checking out some CDs and I found one I had forgotten about, which featured a couple tapes with several tracks each in mp3 form, called Nola Express. I think the CD I had recorded with the original tape cover scans too. I remembered I had downloaded this from a website which I fear might be long gone.

It's quite a lot of time and poetry read by Bukowski himself. I was wondering if anyone else knows about this or am I posting about stuff everyone knows about and I'm about to make a fool of myself?

Anyway, I'm going to see about uploading temporarily on megaupload or yousendit if anyone's interested.
Hi Jose... Not sure this is the same as what you have, but there is the "King of the Poets," recorded in New Orleans for Nola Express. That one starts with "When All The Animals Lie Down" and ends with "Bukowski Says Goodbye""”a wonderful reading where Bukowski is enjoying the hell out of himself, being in a very good mood and having a good ole time. He's alone, relaxed, smoking and drinking, and not acting like he has to put on a dog and pony show for the audience, because there isn't any, except the silent one spread over the universe. To me, all the pleasure that drove him to write poetry to begin with and share it is contained here. One of my favorites. I hope you're able to post whatever you might be slightly different. Best wishes"”Poptop.
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i have audio cassettes of the 1970 New Orleans recording and the 1969 "sixty minutes in hell."

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The original NOLA tape has a hand drawn cover, but that's not it. I can scan it later and put it up.

the only good poet

One retreat after another without peace.
thanks, mjp, that wld be interesting to see. most of the buk tapes and CDs i've seen in stores over here have hand-drawn/photocopied covers. they look like bootlegs but are sold in the large bookstores that wldn't stock bogus goods. do they have "homemade" covers and labels because they are not mass market products? are they officially sanctioned? these might be silly questions but they've been bugging me.

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