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Name is Shane. I'm 31. I saw this site a few years ago and didn't bother registering it because I was too lazy. I also didn't care what anyone else thought of the great man. I'm a little older now, not much wiser, but a whole hell of a lot more curious about Mr. Bukowski than I used to be. I can't call him Hank because I didn't know him and would feel like a tool. No offense. An older cousin turned me on to him. Burning in water, drowning in flame. And hopefully I haven't read everything he wrote. I've been a member of several forums and found them to be productive for me in many ways and in many other ways just an extension of the usually unfunny joke the internet has become. Downright scary, usually. My head is Effed up on Bukowski and I want to ask a million and one stupid questions about him. I'm not a stalker type and won't be flying to San Pedro to gaze at his house. (I'm in Pennsylvania) and I won't be leaving booze on his grave, but I'm damn curious about him. So hopefully this site is full of decent enough people who aren't going to get all disdainful and pissed off by a noob asking questions you have all probably heard and answered many, many times. Here's hoping.

Thanks in Advance
Shane (Madbull)

Ask away, my friend! The folks on this forum always like to answer questions. People seem to get pissed when someone new comes along and clearly just wants to stir up trouble. Otherwise, we are damn friendly to Noobies/Oldies/etc....!

Where in PA are you? I'm in The little state of Delaware.

Maybe he's thinking of smognet, which used to have the same Buk stuff except for the forum...
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It was a very similar site to this. My bad. But I appreciate the warm welcome. I was thinking my first post sounded a little snotty and I didn't intend for that. I feel bad because as I stated before I've been a member of many forums and ppl tend to get a little stiff when they're asked questions that they've known for many years, known and kicked around. But since you guys welcomed me so warmly, I will start with this question. Who exactly is the mother of Mr. Bukowski's child? How's that for a noob question? I would also like to know who his red-headed distraction was, and also who the jewish lad who appears in many of his short stories would be. I love when he names him Maxie. Just makes me laugh for some reason. "Maxie" is studying to be a rabbi. I just read a poem about his 96 year old neighbor dying and he is now the old fart on the block and he must prepare to do old person style moves. And when I got to the part where he must back into a garbage can I cracked up and have been laughing since. Thanks again for the warm welcome and I look forward to conversing with the authorities if you will.

Shane (MadBull)

I'm in the Scranton area of pennsylvania. I originally hailed from NYC but decided that anyone who doesn't. move to the Scranton area of Pennsylvania is just plain not a person who wants nothing to do with culture of any kind. Think of it, Plentiful stegmeier ( a bad local brew) Pierogies, ( a good local snack) and half the population of Mexico. Who wouldn't love it here?
The mother of Buk's child (Marina) is a lady named Frances Smith. They lived together for a few years but were never married. She's also a poet with the pen name Franceye. You can google her if you like.
The red heads name is Pamela Miller, now Pamela Brandes. Buk called her Cupcakes. Buk's written many poems about her.
I don't think Buk is thinking of a particular jewish guy, but there's persons with jewish names in his stories.
I hope you can use my answers, Shane. Maybe other forum members have something to add...
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Here's another picture of Cupcakes...

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Boy, that's a great picture..

Thanks a million for replying so quickly. I love that image of bukowski. Anyone know the particular wine he drank at the end of his life? He mentions in a latter story that he's off the beer and only drinks three bottles of good german white wine a night and then in other stories he's mentioning the good red. I'm really sorry my questions are probably annoying. I'll get more in depth with them shortly. After sating myself with the mundane shit. It's funny, but I wonder if there are any postal employees here on this forum? In my last year of school, I got a summer job as a carrier. Part time flexible. If any P.O workers are here, you know what I mean by PTF's. I attained regular status as a carrier AND clerk and this was in the new century and you wouldn't believe how little has changed in that outfit since the days of Bukowski. It's pretty f------- mind blowing how little actually. I took the sane route as Bukowski did and I'm much calmer and happier for it. I'm thinking of writing a book about it and blah blah....Just kidding!!

Thanks again for the quick replies
Oh, I forgot. Was there a last poem or short story published before his death? I know Pulp was his last book. But I'm talking about a particular story or poem.

thanks again
"My First Fax Poem" was probably his last poem written before he died. You can search the forum here for a transcript of it. I'm not sure what magazine has the credit for being the last one to publishe him before he died. I know that anyone that had Bukowski poems at the time of his death would have probably rushed to publish them, so the magazine date could make that confusing (small press magazine publishers are not always careful about dates).

concerning your Jew:
in many occations esp. from the late 60s/ early 70s you can say with some probability, it's Neeli 'Cherry' Cherkovski. (Like 'the kid' in 'Night streets of madness', where it's quite obvious.)
Neeli was a much younger fellow than Buk, knew him from the mid 60s. Later they were publishing a little mag together (named 'Laugh literary and man the humping guns').
Neeli has written a fine essay on Buk in 'Whitmans Wild Children' and did the first biography based on 'some' research on him, which appeares to be very much out of date now.
Hello, I'm new and looking to find the great man's poetry. I love the novels but am drinking and poetry is what I need right now. I don't have the books other than the novels. Can anyone help me out?
Click on the link to the left, It says "Manuscripts" and try "Words" too.
There you'll find lots of poems...
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