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Not a bad deal (1 Viewer)

Well. another case of an insane book seller.

I find it amazing that someone can buy a $600 book for $450 and then expect that it is worth $4500. Greedy does not really even cover this. Seems insane to think that someone would pay this, even with the excellent provenance.

Another one fishing for fools. If the seller really thinks it's worth that kinda money, he should'nt be in the book business. He would go bankrupt for lack of costumers.
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He has a phone number listed on his web site. I might have to call him and ask him about the mag...tell him I'm interested. Then (after a few days) say, "I'll give you $50 over what you paid for it on eBay." Just for the hell of it. Imagine if a couple of people did that. It would be...well, that would be terrible. Just awful.
Well, she may post here about this. If it was me, I would not be as much pissed as amused and irritated. This person will NEVER sell it for that price. Still, he may find someone to pay a couple hundred over what he paid for it. Maybe the seller is Jack White. You know, exploiting book buyers to keep them from being exploited by the bad people in suits and black SUVs.

I just called him.He was shocked.The mag is still for sale.He would not say what he paid for the mag.I asked.He said that was irrelevant.
Had a weird laugh like a child molester that was being questioned by the cops.
This is a public forum so he may have seen the posts and may be expecting the calls...

Some computer wizards can see where their website visitors come from, so he may have seen a couple dozen hits from this forum...

well, it's obvious that he MEANT to resell it for one dollar over what he paid, but accidentally put one too many zeros...

speaking of Story, does anyone recall the one that sold about ten years ago on ebay, signed, for $500? i remember almost pulling the trigger on that auction.....sigh.
Well, that is a surprise! You're right, Bill. I am more amused than pissed, as the eBay auction was open to everyone, and Amir's bid was the highest. And needless to say, I've had this resell business happen a lot in the past years, especially with Wormwood.

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