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NOT actually signed by Bukowski BEWARE (1 Viewer)


I know that we have discussed this before, but this book is NOT signed by Bukowski. It is pre-printed. I just notified the seller. Hopefully he'll change the listing (and the price).

This is a very confusing issue and I have had MANY questions over the years about this.

What is odd is that he listed it last week without calling it "Signed" for $49 with a Buy it Now for $99 and did not sell it. Then he changed the listing, called it "Signed" and tripled the price.... Hopefully it is just an error.

Buknet members beware. This is NOT signed.

This listing:


The one from last week:

and lowered the price to $69. Seeing as he could not sell it at $49 last week, it is odd to try to sell it for MORE.

Maybe he is hoping that someone will see it and think that it is signed and that he missed it in the listing. I would mention in my listing that it is NOT signed, to avoid the potential for fraud, but that is just me.

I actually bought one of these a few months back as a "signed" copy. Thanks to Bill's help, we were able to convince the seller it was an error (he's a good seller; it was an honest mistake), and I got a nice rebate. Which, instead of banking like a sane person, I put toward a nice hardcover of The Last Poem & Tough Company.
Easy there. It's not defaced. It's simply a printed signature (from a genuine source by the looks of it) that Marvin Malone, as Editor, included in the normal production of this (and possibly a few others?) issue of Wormwood Review. This was clearly stated earlier in this thread.

In retrospect, not such a good idea.
The book is in perfect mint condition a and was signed before printing, so it is not autographed. I love how the seller put a note on the listing the day that it ended (and after being notified that it was NOT signed), saying that it IS signed by Bukowski.

They were told that it was not signed, but at this point, I have to assume that they intend to deceive as it has been made clear to them that this is not autographed.

How does it look like crap? I don't see anything in the listing now that indicates that this is signed, or that it isn't signed, for that matter (and yes, listing is now closed). Sellers states that the pictures tell the story on this, and they do. The back cover states that the first 70 were signed by Buk, and that this copy is #576. But it is disingenuous of the seller to show the picture without making a comment on the pre-printed signature that was in every issue of this (unless he has no idea, but Bill's post suggests otherwise).

My estimate on value would be about $40 or $50, so the opening bid is too high, but not ridiculous. Truly signed copies in this condition must go for well over $100, so there's another clue.

The copy I bought was advertised as "although not called for, signed by Buk," as it is numbered higher than 70. But, I got that all sorted out, as I mentioned earlier.
He added this (below) to his listing that ended 3/31-09. This says that it is AUTOGRAPHED. It is NOT. This was the old listing and he did not add it back to the new listing, so it seems that he was trying to not deceive, although I agree that just showing the "sig" and not mentioning it leads people to believe that it is actually signed.


On Mar-31-09 at 03:37:31 PDT, seller added the following information:

This is a signed by Buk copy even though it doesn't fall into the 1st 70 copies.

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