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I remember to bump over Hank a few years (some long few years) ago, when I was at highschool and didn't read in ENG, not even the "Electro shock risk" stickers on the back of the amps... So I did him in SPA and didn't tought he was much... Some time later I lerned someting, forgot something, got in love with Roberto Arlt and needed to move over Hank, that is in a non-intended way on the Arlt's school. And then Zang! all was there. from time to time I got back to him, and due some need of stimulation, and advise i started to reseach some readings, by random people... I found Poems & Insults, and that was it. I started to dive to get the facimils of that old readings. And I found myself here. I think I will learn a lot if I just stick here for a wile.

That's preatty much it.

Erne, from a strange autumn in Banaires.​
Welcome 3RN3X, does that mean three Registered Nurses doing some XXX movies or something? Or did you do 3 nurses three times each? Either way sounds great. Welcome.

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