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I've been ignoring this thread for awhile and I don't know why.

I'm now interested as well. I'm really interested in the Bunker Hill area because of Fante's works... When I went to LA I was but a one year reader of his work, so I missed a lot. Angel's Flight, 3rd Street Tunnel, I may have even been on the wrong part of Bunker Hill. I couldn't tell.

Maybe someone here knows... What replaced the hotel where Fante wrote from? A Starbucks? Two Starbucks? Google Maps?
Maybe someone here knows... What replaced the hotel where Fante wrote from? A Starbucks? Two Starbucks? Google Maps?
Skyscrapers and the Disney concert hall. Bunker hill was leveled off to little more than a bump (it was never really a big hill, compared to say, hills in San Francisco) and redeveloped 50 years ago, nothing of the old neighborhood is still standing.

I'm sure ESOTOURIC will drive you around the skyscrapers for $50 or $60 and tell you what used to be there. ;)

This is Bunker Hill now:


Angel's Flight is still there, but they moved it a couple blocks from where it originally ran.

So it's hard to say what replaced a specific hotel or rooming house, since the area was completely reconfigured.
Yet another site brought to you by the good folks at ESOTOURIC. Well, if nothing else, they are thorough.

Thanks for that link. I'll check it out!

Skyscrapers and the Disney concert hall.

OK, thanks for that. I was there and took some photos before the guy told me that it was private and I couldn't anymore. So I stood in the middle of the street and took a couple. I was definitely in the right area.

Is Angel's Flight still closed after the accident? I'm hoping to make it down to the LA\UCSB area next summer and would love to take a ride on it.
wow, thanks for the link. i've heard of angel's flight (through fante?) but never knew exactly what it was. i love old pictures of bygone days. reminds me of a book i have called "new orleans then and now". old pictures contrasted with new pictures of the exact same place...
That was a very interesting look back at the last century or so in a microcosm of the other side of the country; especially from an East-coaster who had no idea that Angel's Flight ever existed. A very cultural moment for me, indeed, yes. Thanks.
good of you to revive this old thread. looks like a great dvd, but do I have the price right? $300.00?
Until November 17. $300 is the institutional price. For schools and libraries. The home DVD will be - well, I don't know how much - but I assume a typical movie price.

(Killer of Sheep is $31.96, but it looks like a lot of their DVDs are in the $23 range.)
I was just reading one of mjp's links, and I wondered what this meant..

...and in the 1870s and 1880s was a tony neighborhood.

What is a tony neighborhood?

(no obvious jokes please, I'm genuinely curious)

When I was searching around on mother google, it seemed to imply the neighborhood as being elegant or a bit posh. Never heard it used in England, so just wondered if that would be correct.
I've had this for a few days and the bonus disc is better than the film. The film is beautiful, but all the dialog was overdubbed, and the non-actors are no joy to listen to. But the bonus disc has a great short about Bunker Hill, made at the time the city was planning to clear everyone out and level it. That short is 100% Bukowski's Los Angeles, and may be worth the price of admission on its own.

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