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I think, these photos of Hank aren't as wide-spread as others.

Now that rekrab has brought them up with his paintings, I thought, I'll post them for general information.

I've also scanned the info on the book, where they're from. These pics should not be by Benno, as far as I know, so they would be either by Thomas Häpker or under copyright of Inter-Topics, Hamburg (as I've stated elsewhere before).

in case you don't remember the Barker-paintings:
go here and here.
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Roni, you're a wizard. I've painted two out of three and have picked the third as a possibility. I found all three Googling images. It's amazing what comes up when you go through hundreds of images. I also searched Flicker and Photobucket for images. I found a few -- two or three -- that I've never seen elsewhere. One of him as an old man tending flowers in a garden. I'd post these uncommon ones but I have about three minutes before my wife gets out of the shower and I have to move along.

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