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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
from a poem?

"And as my hands drop the last desperate pen, in some cheap room, they will find me there and never know my name, my meaning, nor the treasure of my escape . . ."

Did Buk only write this for Barfly or...?
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that's from the poem "old man dead in a room." it was collected in "the roominghouse madrigals."

there's another poem makes an appearance in barfly: "2 p.m. beer." that's in "burning in water/drowning in flame."
Thanks very much! I ordered The Roominghouse Madrigals a while ago.

I wasn't sure but somehow I had the feeling I read the poem decades ago.
Yes of course, old man dead in a room.

Another flashback....I also do remember a poem Buk is talking about his new San Pedro room. It goes something like: barricaded on the second floor, I have a fig tree, a lemon tree, and I think it ends with: I am in a small room again.
In which poetry book I can read this poem?

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