Notes of a Dirty Old Man column - Nola Express #96, Dec. 17-30, 1971 (1 Viewer)


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This column -unless completely reworked for book publication- remains uncollected. And I think it's the one which enraged Rexroth so much...


Patchen died January 8, 1972. Came across a half page in the LA Freep, January 14, 1972, noting his passing (photo along with a poem). So the timeline does indicate Patchen could have read the story.

When I read the "Kinnard" story I wondered if it was Patchen being referred to. I have a few Kenneth Patchen books, including one that Hallmark put out in 1970. He was a popular poet.
Buk had only good things to say about Patchen in the early letters if I remember right..
I was in london last week and came across Outsider#3..paid £100 for it..never thougt
I would lay eyes on a copy and am still excited as the gates of heck!...How rare are they would you say?(anyone)..Have I been ripped off or is that about the current goin rate?
100 pounds seems a bit high, but not too bad. I'm converting it into weak US Dollars and it seems worse with the exchange rate...
yeah..I guess thats about the goin rate..thanks for your input..
I also picked up "Laugh literary#3" with a great photo on the cover...
OH dear..Im becoming a collector!...

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