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I'm pretty certain that this is fake.

Ebay listing - Notes of a Dirty Old Man



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I'm pretty sure you are correct, mdr.

actually, I'm almost positive.

I found this copy in a book store in Seattle. "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" 8th printing, 1985. the book has cover wear but seems to be a rare item because the author signed the title page. Please be aware of what your bidding on for I don't certify autographs, thanks-

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The problem is that the amateur forger almost always has problems with TIMING. Buk could sign his name in a second or two, just like anyone, but a bad forger does it too slowly. this causes "starts and stops" and it also causes the signature to appear shakier as it is a slower pen stroke.

This looks very much like a forgery.

Still, it will fool someone.



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Wow. That's really...ah, I don'

I dunno who perpetrated such heinous skullduggery (seller has 100% positive feedback), but that be some ugly shit there, cousin.


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That's just low, well, if it was the seller who did it to increase the price. But I guess they get away scott free with the whole i bought it, i don't certify signatures thingy.


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I wonder if that's cause someone emailed him about it? I mean, he said he didn't certify autographs, so if he was genuine it seems he would have left it up? Seems, he was caught, or guilty, and then took it down. Suspicious!


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Someone probably emailed him.

There's no point presuming guilt. Either way, it's off eBay for now and that's a good thing, right?
I can't see any reason to presume guilt - what we seem to unanimously agree is not a genuine signature perhaps draws undue focus on the disclaimer. In fact, very few people will or can certify signatures. Sure, if you handed the writer the copy of the book you might be well inclined to do so, but even when there's a consistent number on a copy, the number is in the correct color ink, position and hand, and a sig looks good, I'm not sure what it would take to actually certify that it is genuine or how many of us us would actually do it.


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That C changes directions so many times you get the impression the writer didn't know where it was headed. Not a good start on a signature.


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I sent him a message through eBay, and pointed him to this thread. I think if he was the one to do the signature he wouldn't have started the auction at $4.95, and he wouldn't have pulled it once he read this.

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