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does anyone have a list of where and when the columns from the original 'notes of a dirty old man' first appeared? 'more notes...' list everything, but the old doesn't tell.
Are you writing a book?

You seem to have a lot of answers, which either means you have a photographic memory or a lot of notes, like someone writing a book. If you are writing a book you should tell us about it, so we can go to the store and steal it when it's published.

I mean, I would buy it, but most of these monkeys would steal it.

Maybe you shouldn't talk about it.
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Well I'm not writing a book. But here is a somewhat motivated look at the City Lights version (6th printing, 1981) of Notes of a Dirty Old Man. No doubt mistakes and confusion will be found. All part of the master plan.
thanks so much digney!

I don't think that I'm writing a book. guess I have a pretty good memory and a few notes.
if I were writing a book I probably would urge you all to steal it anyway. with the economy being what it is...
It's been pointed out to me by Roni that I stopped at p. 213. And there are more pages after that. It's been one of those I-shouldn't-be-allowed-to-type decades. Or think. Or copulate with a mermaid.

The rest of the Notes:

p. 215, "he came down through the laundry shoot", Open City #17, August 24-30, 1967

p. 220, "sit down, Stirkoff", Open City #44, March 1-7, 1968

p. 225, "Miriam and I had the little shack", Open City #21, September 21-27, 1967

p. 234, "one of my best friends", Open City #45, March 8-14, 1968

p. 241, "I have often let shackjobs and whores slash my face", unknown date

p. 247, "I met her in a bookstore", Open City #47, March 22-28, 1968
For what it's worth, I have a copy of Open City, Vol. 2, No. 1, May 5-11, '67. It publishes Buk's review of Papa Hemingway by A.E. Hotchner. The piece is called An Old Drunk Who Ran Out of Luck. According to my notes, Dorbin indicates that my piece is the week before the first "Notes" column.
That Hemingway piece did get collected in Portions From a Wine-stained Notebook.

A few others from Open City also got collected in the recent More Notes.
and here, for your convenience, are some of the previously missing dates:

- some son of a bitch - National Undergound Review v.1 no.1, Mai 1968 [yes, this is NOT an OC-appearance. ]
- the summers are longer - OC #65 - 16.-22. August 1968
- those were the nights - OC #65 - 16.-22. August 1968 [sic! - it seems, this and the previous one have appeared in the same issue of OC. ]
- it's over he said, the dead have won - OC #58 - 28. June - 4.July 1968
- it was last Monday - OC #13 - 28. July - 3. Aug. 1967
- it was a place where the cabbies =>> NO column on its own! Belongs to the previous!

Thanks to Digney, cire and David for their efforts to help me get the complete list done.
I believe that we had a similar source list for Erections that has now been lost due to the server outage. If the good souls who put together that list would be so generous as to repost that info I'm sure it would be appreciated by all. :)
thanks to everyone who contributed.

that was a lot of fun, wasn't it? we should do this with all the books. anyone have any idea where the later stories from Septuagenarian and Betting were first published?
would also be very interesting to see the list for Erections that hank solo mentions.

I have some notes that says that 'Another Horse Story' from Erections was from the September 7-13, 1968 Open City. but here it says that the story beginning with "all the rivers are going to get higher" from Notes of a Dirty Old Man is from the September 6-12, 1968 Open City. one of the dates must be wrong, but it also seems strange that there were two stories in the same paper. isn't that the only instance of this?
found one from Betting on the Muse 'Ransom' is from L.A. Free Press, September 5, 1975. but I don't think that most of the others are that old.
Can't upload again (no specific error, just "a problem").

So a few from High Times:

January 1982, "Quotes of a Dirty Old Man", interview, collected in Sunlight.

January 1982, "My War of 1939", excerpt from Ham on Rye.

November 1982, "The Player", uhhhh.

January 1983, "notes" (first line: "We are in Musso's around 2 p.m.", uhhhh.

February 1983, "Ecce Hetero", uhhhh.

March 1983, "Home Run", Hot Water Music.

April 1983, "There's No business Like Show Business", Septuagenarian.

May 1983, "No Love Songs", Septuagenarian.

June 1983, "letter in lieu of a story", uhhhh.

July 1983, "The Jockey", Septuagenarian.

August 1983, "Bring Me Your Love", Septuagenarian.

September 1983, "Camus", Septuagenarian.

October 1983, "The Way It Happened", Portions.

November 1983, "The Gambler", Absence.

December 1983, "Night On The Town", uhhhh.

January 1984, "Block", Septuagenarian as "Blocked".

February 1984, "No Wing High", Septuagenarian.

March 1984, "Just Passing Time, Portions.

April 1984, "0.191", Septuagenarian.

June 1984, "Distractions in the Literary Life", Portions.

July 1984, "Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks...", Septuagenarian.

August 1984, "Mad Enough to Puke on the Whole World", Septuagenarian as "Mad Enough".

September 1984, "You Kissed Lilly", Hot Water Music.

October 1984, "My Friend the Gambler", uhhhh.

November 1984, "The Death of the Father", Hot Water Music.

December 1984, "The Death of the Father", Hot Water Music.
wow, great Digney!

'Ecce Hetero', 'Night on the Town' and 'My Friend the Gambler' were all collected in More Notes of a Dirty Old Man.

also, are you sure about those last two? Hot Water Music was published the year before.
so maybe those two didn't get published before they came out in the book, or they were published in another mag. we only know where 8 out of the 36 stories from Hot Water Music are from so far. the earliest being from back in 1971.

Digney, do you have the opening lines from the story 'The Player'? I was wondering if it was the same story collected in Septuagenarian as 'The Winner', since so many others from that time went in that book.
Well I'm not writing a book. But here is a somewhat motivated look at the City Lights version (6th printing, 1981) of Notes of a Dirty Old Man. No doubt mistakes and confusion will be found. All part of the master plan.
This list of names of articles from the Notes of a Dirty Old Man book was just what I was looking for!!
Thanks very much for your efforts in getting this together!
Now all I need is for someone to explain to me who Bukowski is referring to in the article starting
on pg. 70. It's an article that refers to a "Mr. Business Man" and uses the phrase, "You better tend to business, Mr. Business Man." Is this a musician he's referring to?
Any ideas?
Thanks again for posting the list!
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The opening to "The Player" in the November 1982 issue of High Times is (if I haven't missed something in the copying): "$530. He knew his horses. Maybe he wasn't much good at anything else, but he knew his horses."
just realized that we never found out where the story on p. 241 came from.
the one beginning with "I have often let shackjobs and whores slash my face..."
anyone know?

also, were there really three stories in the August 16-22, 1968 edition?!
we only know where 8 out of the 36 stories from Hot Water Music are from so far.
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Broken Merchandise
Home Run -
Fooling Marie -

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