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In a April 23, 1969 letter to Weissner, B says: "some experimental film co. wants to do NOTES on film. coming over with contract next week."

In a Feb 23, 1970 letter to Weissner, B. says: "In looking over the contracts in the drawer I see I've signed quite a few. There is that tangled word horror where I sold away movie rights to these guys for $50 while I was drunk. I think I told you about that. 2 year option. I've got to sweat another year and 5 months. That's on NOTES. "

I guess the flick was never shot :p
The vast majority of books optioned for film are never produced. A lot of times these days film companies will option a book just to keep the competition from getting it, never having any intention of making a screenplay.

That's why I have my doubts about Linda King's Loving and Hating Bukowski ever becoming a film. I wish she'd just publish that thing and get it over with.

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