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I don't remember flipping you off - I do remember loaning you money, buying lunch and giving you a ride 17 days in a row because your car was in the shop getting a new axelrod or Framis valve or that what you're talking about?
HAHAHA..the first time you gave me a ride you said "anytime", so whatta ya gonna do..

As far as the loan you want credit with me, or can I pay you back in installments?

It was the "Fluxcapsitor" that was out...which makes time travel possible..

P.s. can I get a ride next Friday?
It's a good thing I can raise myself up in my chair here ever so slightly and peer over the partition to keep an eye on you. I would never work with my back to you, not without a kevlar vest and some sort of push button flame thrower.

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