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NOW! Go to your used book store and buy this mag! (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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New Yorker October 13, 1997

What kind of profit did I make on e-bay?!
I just bought it for 50 cents and sold it for $276. !!!!!!!

Ok, any math-heads out there.... what is that,... 4,000% profit?!

It contains Annie Proulx's short story, Brokeback Mountain,
It's first appearance,...
And the fans of that movie seem more rabid than us!
I started the bidding at .99 and Goddamn it, that item got more hits, bids and $ than my Buk stuff.
That's Hollywood's influence for you. I made a good profit (not as good as yours, though) on a 1928 copy of Gangs of New York that I bought for 50 cents many years before the film was even conceived. I doubt I could have given that book away before the film.
zoom man said:
What kind of profit did I make on e-bay?!

Percentage profit = Gain (Selling price - Cost price) x 100
Cost price


( 276.00 - .50 ) x 100

Your gross profit (prior to eBay's cut, etc.) = 55,100 % ; Good on YA, Mr. zoom_man.

(we're queer; we're cowboys; get used to it) [I hope my humor is not offending anyone. I have to do something, while awaiting the muse; amusing myself. (no, not abusing...)]

(i'd better shut-up before I get shot)..

Oh Sam,
My Man,
I'll never be able to quit you baby:D

(I said you messed up my happy home ,
Made me mistreat my only child.....):cool:

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