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numbered copy of beerspit night and cursing for $7? (1 Viewer)


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Don't know the seller, but I think that's not a particularly desirable title, which may be why it's not hard to find the special versions.


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I mentioned in a different thread that i got a numbered copy of "Night Torn Mad...." from that same seller for $10. He had nany copies of "Beerspit..." for sale on ebay. Numbered copies, for cheap.


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i went ahead and bought it... even though it seems like that's not the hottest title, people are at least asking $50 on abe (sometimes more, up to $100+). So now I have two, and I'll probably try to sell one of them at one point. Interesting news about that seller- I'm going to keep an eye on them to see if any other steals come up.

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