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Now, here's book club many of us would like to join. Making reading sexy sounds great to me. :p

NYC Book Club Goes Topless 'To Make Reading Sexy,' Succeeds (NSFW PHOTOS)

It's spring in New York City, and that means the city's most topless literary club is back in action. Members of the The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society bared their breasts in Central Park on Friday, and then again Saturday while lounging on the rooftop sundeck of a certain "nude-friendly, gay-friendly, everything-friendly boutique hotel."

The reading material included, of course, some pulp fiction titles like "Hunt Through The Cradle of Fear," "Borderline," as well as "Abraham Lincoln, Presidential Fu*k Machine," and, er, "Moby Dick."

For the uninitiated, OCETPFAS formed a few years ago. It's the group's mission to "make reading sexy," as well as remind New Yorkers that toplessness is very legal in New York City.

Take a NSFW scroll below. And if you're interested in joining the OCETPFAS, find out where the group meets next here or follow them on Twitter. News
This reminds me of an episode of that HBO show "Dream On" which ran in the late 80s, your excellency. The main character, Martin Tupper, started writing smut scripts on the side for extra $$$. One of his scripts was "Catcher in the Rear" and he had the main character listed as Hardon Caulfield.
That is it. I'm moving to New York.

No really. I am moving to New York in August. No shit. Not the city, but about 90 minutes north.

The state that has NO law against women being topless.

Looking to move TO New Paltz. Do you know anyone there with a place to rent. I'm also looking for a small studio for my press and book binding...
We have friends there and visit often. It's a great town. As far as housing, I don't know the scene, but there are some really nice surrounding towns in Ulster county, so I'm reasonably sure you'll find a good deal. I'm also a big fan of Beacon, which is about 20 minutes south.

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