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Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
I've included the poem The Empties, just to keep everything in context. Also the already collected Me and My Buddy. Looks like only one word was dropped in the collected version.

nyq 37 01 what do you write 1.jpg

nyq 37 02 what do you write 2.jpg

nyq 37 03 empties 1.jpg

nyq 37 04 empties and hemingway celine 2.jpg

nyq 37 05 hemingway celine 2 privatization.jpg

nyq 37 06 proclaimers and summing up.jpg

nyq 37 07 snails and apparitions.jpg
Thanks DiB.

And here's a PDF version. 790Kb


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nice to see some uncollected stuff from the 80s. not that it is better than things from the 60s or 70s, but there doesn't seem to be as much that is uncollected from this period.
btw, 'the apparitions' was collected in the flash of lightning...
The red dots are hard coded into the page - the page that lists the manuscripts isn't a database query because it's a huge query and that page hardly ever changes. So it's fixed in the database, but I haven't updated the manuscripts page yet. I'm going through all the manuscripts at the moment for a different project, and I'm finding that there are more than a few that are incorrectly marked collected or uncollected. So the manuscript page won't be updated and fixed until I get through all of them. :afb:
the red dot listing for nyq. That needs to be fixed by mjp.
Ponder gently reminded me of this, so it's done.

The NYQ and Wormwood pages now match the database as far as indicating what's uncollected. There were maybe 8 or 10 changes total, nothing to write home about.

Next time this comes up (or whenever I think of it) I'll just change those pages to query the database. I guess there's no reason for them to be static.
Me and My Buddy had been collected in You Get So Alone[...], Empties was embellished, explained and collected in Sifting Through the Madness, The Apparitions got stuck (and edited) in The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain as Apparitions.
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