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Currently obsessed with Bukowski. Can't stop reading and I have so much more to go.

Just started to get into the rare material but blew my load at a book store in LA purchasing the 1993 Black Sparrow New Year's greeting (those wonderful lunches) with a Buk signature and drawing...

Really looking to learn as much as I can from everyone. I've learned a lot already.

I smoke a lot of reefer. I live in San Francisco. Those two things kind of go together.

I lived in downtown LA for 3 years. I lived about 4 doors down from Craby Joe's (beginning of barfly), and have visited a few of the known addressed, De Longpre, the grave, Sunset next to the Pioneer and well, he went a lot of places so I guess LA in general is one big Bukowski site.

I've had this idea for a while to put together an LA bus tour of Bukowski related material...

Anyway, I hate my job, so I'll probably end up being a pretty active member.

what bookstore in LA? Arundel has a lot of numbered NYG's, but i haven't found any signed ones there.
People use the BUS in L.A.?

i live in scotland and i went to L.A. for one month and I encouraged the family i lived with to get the train into San Diego - that was the first time they EVER used public transport.

madness! madness, I say!
yes, people use the bus in LA. it actually has a really good bus system, and there's even a "bus rider's union" advocacy group. it's possible to exist in LA without a car, unless you want to live on the east side and work on the west side (then you better be ready for a 1.5 hour commute each way, if you're lucky). but, when i lived in hollywood, i usually rode the bus/train to school every day (or rode my bike).
glad to have you here, edge.

I'm sure you'll learn a shitload from this place. this is the number 1 bukowski stop on the internet. It will never be surpassed.
Thanks. I've already learned a ton from just reading all the old posts.

When are youe bukowski.net t-shirts coming out? Ya need a tshirt...

I always get a good laugh out of the pictures of Bukowski wearing his own shirt.

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