it's happening again....


if you want to be a part of the fun i was thinking it would be a great idea to contact spike or A and E and DEMAND all day bukowski movies looping
maybe set up an internet petition
this is beyond my skill set though

im setting up a city wide happy hour with a restuarant consortium because i think it would be a fun day
10 happy hour sat ten bars for his tenth death-aversay

it's a D.I.Y. direct action thing
picture a group of rowdies showing up unannounced at a bar, demanding a happy hour and picketing with clever slogans on the sidewalk outside until their demads are met....
or do you own thing

just take the day off work to honor his memory and possibly have an adult beverage or two

please feel free to stage any events you care to in your neck of the woods
i have had positive feedback from sandiego, boston and peurto rico thus far

life is about death and shit as far as im concerned
the point is more people reading his stuff and having fun with it
10 happy hour sat ten bars for his tenth death-aversay
Bukowski died in 2002? Shit man, someone should have told the people who buried him eight years before that. Must have sucked spending the last eight years of his life in a coffin. Damn. What a way to go.

But I expect math skills like that from our good friend bakeowski (and typhoidmary). Same illiterate scribble as last time(s).

You can set up a new user every time you want to plug this shit, but you'll always be the same adorable idiot to me. Don't ever change!
im really excited this year i think it could turn into something thats alot of fun

every year we read a great mans words in a non judgemental celabratory way

flame on if you must, im just living my life and trying to be at the best parties ever, even if i have to create them......

it's not a terrible idea like dressing like a zombie was, its a growth arc

someday i may even start thinking im one of the cool kids.....but thats way off in the distance

i couldnt find my login info and am very excited about this years party

sorry if its not your cup of tea, thanks for running this great site!
we are singing irish songs at fergies pub from 2-5...
i like sing alongs, fergus carrey has promised to teach us all an irish song or 2
the tee shirt guy is doing crazy things next time i swing thru here ill share the design
theres a chance of a jumbo tron showing BARFLY and in my mind it becomes like rocky horror picture show was
remember that kids?
gotta watch that again to plan the mayhem
philly is where stallone got famous. his bro is the bartender. theres levels and levels of synchronisity in play and im laffing like an idiot in the coffee shop as i type this
fuck to the yeah!
gotta watch that again to plan the mayhem
i'm not sure promoting planned mayhem goes with the principles around here. when i was 23 or 24 i was all about manipulating others to participate in my social change oriented activities. now i'm 32 and somewhat embarrassed about that period. if you're about occupying a bar stool and taking the day off work, do it man. promoting it the way you do makes you sound sad. i respect you as a person but find this thing you're organizing to have a deep undercurrent of sad desperation, hidden behind words like 'fun' and 'enjoy life.' Looking over your web page turned my guts in knots and made me hold my head at teh confusions wrought by society.

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