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I picked this up recently and the colophon page has what appears to be a typewritten designation of "Presentation Copy." I only have two other Presentation Copies, and both have the designation hand-written in ALL CAPS in red fine-lined marker - just like the pen used for the numbering. I say this appears to be typewritten because the font is different from that used for the colophon and, when I flip the page, the letterpress indent from the colophon is more pronounced than that from the Presentation Copy designation. I don't doubt that this book and signature is genuine and I don't see how anyone could forge "Presentation Copy" on a typewriter without dismantling the book and putting it back together. So, does anyone else have a Presentation Copy from this era (1983) that is typewritten?

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Definitely weird. I have one from '84 that is handwritten exactly as you describe it. I thought everything was handwritten and numbered/lettered in red ink except the first few pubs where the ink color changed. Weren't some copies of your title sent to other entities? Maybe they mocked some up differently?

Thanks for posting this. I enjoy this stuff.
If by "other entities," you mean other publishers then according to Krumhansl, yes. He writes this of the lettered/signed issue (which corresponds to the version I have with the plain black dust jacket):

83 signed copies were published 14 February 1983: 26 copies lettered A-Z plus 57 copies, 20 marked "Compliments of Brown & Company, Sutton West, Ontario"; 20 marked "Compliments of Small Press Distribution, Amsterdam, Holland"; 10 marked "Presentation Copy"; and 1 each marked "Author's Copy," "Publisher's Copy," "Printer's Copy," "Binder's Copy (Jack)," "Binder's Copy (Roland)," "Binder's Copy (Ron)," and "File Copy."

My copy has no designation of the Ontario or Holland imprints (it's BSP all the way, as far as I can tell) and the wording used in Krumhansl suggests that the presentation copies are distinct from the Ontario or Holland imprints. For what that's worth. Since Aaron couldn't view every copy, his "absolute sounding" word choices cannot always be taken as absolute.

But I agree; I dig these odd variants. So thanks for the response.

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