Of all the editions of all the books, what is your favorite cover and why? (1 Viewer)

can't beat this one -

There's so many nice ones. I've always liked the Bukowski drawing on 'Women', and the cover on 'Post Office', to name a few.
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I've seen people slag on this cover, but man, I love it. A picture doesn't do it justice -- the slightly off overlapping of the print job on some copies makes me swoon. It's also the Bukowski book that made me see past the image a little bit, so perhaps I'm a bit biased.
That is an awesome cover.

I think that my favorite so far is:


I love how simple it is.
Just something about it captivates me. Its hard to explain.
Yeah, I like that one a lot too. Mockingbird Wish My Luck, and The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills are two other really nice early books that have simple but beautiful covers.
Right, the original Black Sparrow covers were much nicer than the new ones. They were all created by Barbara Martin, the wife of John Martin, owner of the press.

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