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is the following line from a specific novel/piece of work or just a general quote?

"of course its possible to love a human being if you don't know them too well."

looked around but didn't see this as posted already. any help is appreciated, thanks.
Source of Bukowski quote

It's from Notes of a Dirty Old Man, page 177 in the newest City Lights edition. The exact quote is imbedded in a dialogue between two men:

"you mean to say that you can LOVE a piece of buttered toast?
only some, sir. on certain mornings. in certain rays of sunlight. love arrives and departs without notice.
is it possible to love a human being?
of course, especially if you don't know them too well."

This is only 12 pages removed from his "scribbling on shirt cardboards during two-day drunks" riff, which contains the famous "an artist is a man who" quote and "If you want to know where God is, ask a drunk."

Ah, of course. First reading of Bukowski for me was Notes of a Dirty Old Man. That was several years ago, though. Just read through that section. Existential Buk in the big house.

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